And for your next Trivial Pursuit question, ask Nokia

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There have been many versions of the board game Trivial Pursuit brought to mobile devices. Here's another one from EA and Nokia, but this iteration of the game might actually be worth it. With the ability to play the classic game, support for a number of house rules, and a slick user interface, there's no immediate reason for Lumia owners to ignore this title.

Trivial Pursuit

From the directory listing:

  • Climb the brainiac ranks on the XBOX LIVE® Leaderboards.
  • Unlock impressive XBLA Achievements like “You Know Too Much,” “You Were a Blur,” and more.
  • Choose either Pursuit Mode or Classic Mode.
  • Track your stats, customize your profile, set your own time limits, and create personalized difficulty levels.
  • Think you’re a master already? Reveal your inner genius with thousands of fun and challenging questions.

Trivial Pursuit

The full version comes with three question packs of varying difficulty (and leaving the tantalising possibility of more question packs being made available to keep the game fresh), along with enough rule and game variants to increase the game's value for money. I'm glad that a classic game can be set up, and also that it can be played as a solitaire version (because there's nothing funnier than playing a computer AI at a trivia game).

You'll find Trivial Pursuit in the Nokia Collection on your Lumia handset, or in the AAWP App Directory (where you can zap the QR code with your handset to get the download link.

Source / Credit: AAWP App Directory