Here comes MetroTube for Windows Phone 8

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Word reaches us from the New Zealand based Lazyworm dev team that their fully functional and richly featured YouTube client, MetroTube, is ready for Windows Phone 8 devices. It's in the Windows Store right now, or you can point your browser to and let the web do the rest!

 MetroTube  MetroTube

Coming on the same day that Google says they won't be developing for Windows Phone in the near future, it's likely that the strong download performance of the app will continue on Windows Phone 8... and also on Windows 8, as the team branch out to the larger platform.


Managing Director at Lazyworm Applications, Atta Elayyan:

"We’ve seen great success with Metrotube so far, since launch we’ve had over 370,000 downloads and are now averaging between 2-3 thousand downloads a day. It seems that Google still has no immediate plans to build out Windows apps so we’ll continue trying to fill that void. Today we’re excited to be releasing Metrotube for Windows Phone 8 and aim to have a Windows 8 version out sometime early next year."

We've reviewed Metrotube in it's Windows Phone 7 guise, and we're not finding any immediate showstoppers on Windows Phone 8. Grab your copy now from the Windows Store!

Source / Credit: Lazyworm Applications (Windows Store)