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GetThemAll is a potentially handy utility app that potentially fills one of the holes in the Windows Phone platform. It enables you to download content and related files from webpages for offline usage. For example, it can be used to download a video embedded into a page, or a PDF file linked from a page. GetThemAll will also allow you to queue up multiple downloads.

Windows Phone's default Internet Explorer browser does support the saving of images, but other content can not be saved, and files are streamed, rather than stored locally (e.g. a PDF file will open in the PDF Reader app, but will not be stored locally).

GetThemAll works by using a web browser control within the app, through which you must browse to the page containing the content you want to download. Tapping the download button causes the app to parse the current page for content, which is them presented in the form of a media list (images and video) and links list (other content). From here you simply select which element of the page, or links, you want to download.

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The issue with this approach is, of course, that you have to specifically go to the GetThemAll app to do a download. This doesn't really fit it with natural browsing patterns. You can copy and paste across a URL from Internet Explorer, but even this approach is a little cumbersome.

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The bigger issue is that content downloaded using the app remain locked within the app. There's no way to access content downloaded using the app other than the built in file browser. This does limit the usefulness of the app, but it's worth noting this is a platform, rather than an app, limitation.

As such GetThemAll can be best classed as a limited work around for downloading web content for offline usage. While it is a bit fiddly to use, it does get the job done, and helps get around a limitation of the Windows Phone platform that some users find frustrating.

Windows Phone Store description:

Grab, Filter, and Download any content. HTML5 and HD Video, Audio, pdf and more. Our software parses webpage and grabs ALL content including Video, Audio, Graphics, and files like .pdf, .txt, .html etc..

GetThemAll is a whole new dimension in mobile download management software. Tired of searching for zillions of files on websites and downloading them one by one? You will no longer have to! GetThemAll will find all files available on the page you view by itself – all you need is choose what exactly you want to download. 

GetThemAll is available for Windows Phone 7.5 and Windows Phone 8

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