Start puzzling over KenKen, this week's Xbox Live release

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We do have an Xbox Live release this week, and it's KenKen. Following on from the rise of Sudoku at the start of the 21st century, a number of logic/number puzzles were developed. One of those with staying power was developed by Tetsuya Miyamoto, and popularised in the New York Times by Will Shortz. And now it has made its way to Windows Phone via Xbox Live.

In a similar style to Sudoku, you need to place the numbers into a grid so that no number is repeated in each horizontal or vertical line. The secondary rule in Sudoku - no number repeated in the nine 3x3 smaller squares - is not present in KenKen. Instead you need to take the numbers in each irregular group on the grid, and apply the mathematical process of that grid to get the answer.

So if you have a group that is two squares in size, and marked as '24 x' you know it needs to hold 6 and 4, or 3 and 8.

 Ken Ken (Xbox Live) Ken Ken (Xbox Live)

From the directory listing:

Easy to learn and difficult to master, KENKEN takes the typical number puzzle to the next level with a fun and challenging analytical element. The latest edition of the popular game features a streamlined interface, tons of new puzzles and a tutorial by puzzle master Will Shortz.

We'll have a review of KenKen in the near future, but for now you can download a trial copy of the game through the Windows Store.

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