Freda updates Live Tile and Dropbox support

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Windows Phone's popular eBook reader Freda has received an update to version 2.9, which brings improvements to Freda's use of Dropbox to load books onto your device, as well as improving the secondary Live Tile for individual books.

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We've reviewed Freda previously on AAWP, and found a feature rich eBook reader that does require some set-up, but dedicated eBook fans should be able to find a comfortable configuration.

This is the point where you discover that Freda can be tweaked within an inch of its digital spine. A quick tap in the centre of the screen will bring up the menu and a number of functions allowing you to search the text, jump to bookmarks, translate portions of the text, or change the text and background colour to something that is easy on your eye.

Or you can open the settings options, which has another four panes of options, allowing you to tweak the colours, the font used, the size of the font, every single control and tap zone... there's a lot going on. You can even go for the 'advanced' option which has another forty five(!) options and settings you can play with to tailor your book reading experience.

I'll be honest here, I'm in two minds about this. It makes Freda into a daunting application for a new user (especially when Amazon Kindle for Windows Phone manages with just three settings for the whole application, namely font size, three colour schemes, and a brightness slider). Windows Phone has an air of simplicity generally, and Freda shoots this out the water - even though the default settings are accessible and work well.

There is an ad-supported version of Freda from the AAWP App Directory as well as a paid-for version. You can also find it on the Windows Store.

Source / Credit: AAWP App Directory