Puts your photos in a collage on your lockscreen

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My LockScreen is the latest addition to the collection of apps that take advantage of Windows Phone 8 lockscreen integration features. In this instance the app lets you customise your lockscreen by creating collages of images from your pictures library (i.e. photos you've taken with the camera, or saved to the phone).

There are five different templates for the collages (e.g. all square, combination of sizes in different layouts) and photos can be sourced from multiple folders (e.g. camera roll, saved pictures, favourite pictures). Once a collage has been saved to the lockscreen the app will periodically update it, keeping the lockscreen background image fresh.


One of the nice touches with the created collages is that they fade out towards the bottom of the screen. This means information from notifications (the icons at the bottom of the lockscreen) remain easily readable. Put another way, the created collages are optimised for use on the lockscreen, something that's not always true on other lockscreen apps.


My LockScreen adds a great personal touch to the lockscreen and, in contrast with most apps on this type, has the advantage of drawing on locally stored images. That means no data connection is needed, something that may be an important factor if you're on a limited data plan, or using a PAYG SIM.

My LockScreen developer, BrilliantVision, has also created a similar app, Hello Friends, that does much the same thing, but draws on photos from your Facebook account. Along with Weather Flow and Locksider, BrilliantVision's apps are probably the best lockscreen background apps we've seen so far.

My LockScreen description:

This app allows you to decorate your lock screen with collages of images from your pictures library! It will be updated on a regular basis, so that there'll be an exciting new lock screen whenever you use your smartphone! You don't have to do anything, it changes automatically from time to time!

MyLockScreen can be downloaded from the Windows Phone Store for free. A free trial is available, with the full app costing £0.79 / €0.99 / $0.99.

Source / Credit: Windows Phone Store