UC Browser adds more browsing features in version 2.7

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UC Browser, a third party web browser for Windows Phone, has been updated to version 2.7. The new version adds support for rotation lock, smart downloads (keeps screen on while downloading so WiFi stays connected), an incognito mode (no history saved), speed dial bookmarks, QR code scanning, and improved performance.

UC Browser, like Nokia Xpress and Opera Mini, is a proxy based browsing solution, which means it uses an intermediate server to compress data before sending it to the phone. This both reduces data usage and reduces the amount of time it takes to download and render as web page. The side effect of this is that sometimes pages do not render as accurately as they do in Windows Phone's built in Internet Explorer browser.

UCBrowser is notable as one of just a handful of genuine "full" third party browsers available in the Windows Phone Store. The majority of such browsers are simple wrappers around a web control (essentially the in built Internet Explorer). By contrast UC Browser is a purpose built app that receives and renders data from the UC Browser servers (i.e. the servers that are acting as the proxy browser).

The most welcome change in the new version is the improved performance. UC Mobile Limited, the developers, say that start up is 20% faster. We didn't see quite that big an improvements, but it's definitely improved, which is vital in a browser where start-up time has a big impact of how quickly you can get to the information you're looking for. The implementation of screen lock and smart downloads are also noteworthy, but in day-to-day usage we found the most useful extra is the implementation of speed dial on the home page of UC browser, a feature that makes it easier (and faster) to visit your favourite sites.

Windows Phone Store description:

UC Browser is the #1 browser on the Windows Phone Marketplace, it aims at providing the ultimate web browsing experience with advanced compression technology. Start your mobile life with UC Browser and enjoy great features including Incognito (private) Browsing, Personalized Wallpapers, the Download Manager, and the Full Screen view. Download and try the latest version now.

UC Browser can be downloaded from the Windows Phone Store for free.

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