Grab some more puzzles with Braincube Reloaded

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If you enjoyed the puzzle action in Braincube (which we reviewed earlier in the year), then you need to grab the sequel from the Windows Store. Braincube Reloaded brings in even more puzzles, improved graphics, and boss battles.

Braincube Reloaded

Just like Braincube, you have to rock your 2x1x1 block around an isometric landscape to reach the exit hole, picking up all the tiles and hitting the switches, just like the original:

This is as much a spatial challenge as anything else. Rocking your block around the level is going to see it fall in various directions, so not only do you have to navigate the level to reach the exit, you need to reach the exit in such a way as you can stand your block up tall and proud.

Braincube Reloaded

Braincube Reloaded is a free download from the Windows Store, or through the AAWP App Directory.

Source / Credit: AAWP App Directory