A real world testimony of wireless charging

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Lucky Mike Macias. Very lucky. He managed to score a free DT-900 wireless charger with his Nokia Lumia 920 and I was very interested to see how he got on with it. You see, there are two aspects in balance here - the convenience of simply being able to plonk your phone down on a pad to trickle charge it versus the fact that the charge itself will take roughly twice as long as if using a cable solution. Mike's write up makes it clear that convenience significantly outweighs absolute speed - I suspect I'll end up coming to a similar conclusion once these pads become commonplace.... Some quotes below, along with a link to his nice image gallery.

From Mike's article:

Wireless mobile charging means my Nokia Lumia 920 is rarely plugged in nokia DT 900 wireless charging plate 9 700x393

With the purchase of my Nokia Lumia 920 I also got a wireless charging plate for free — the Nokia DT-900 to be exact. I first thought this additional option for powering up would be gimmicky and rarely used. Boy was I wrong.

Fact is you’re not going to get your phone charged up with wireless charging as fast as you would with a wired charger plugged into the wall. But if you strategically place your wireless charging pad in a place you often set your phone down amazing things will happen.

When I get home from work or finish running errands I typically set my phone down on the bookshelf near our front door, along with my keys and wallet. I decided this would be a good place to put the wireless charging pad since my phone is resting here most of the time. Even if I have a battery that is half-full or more I still set it down right here and bring it back up to a full charge. Normally I wouldn’t bother charging the phone at all if it’s half-full because my charging cable is plugged into the wall in my bedroom. My wife and I are not fans of having cords everywhere.

Call me nit-picky and lazy, but constantly plugging my phone into a charger during the day is not fun. If I get a text or call I usually have to unplug the phone so I can handle it better. Or I can leave it plugged in but I’m restricted to that area. Simply lifting the phone off the charging pad to send a quick text then placing it back down beats the hell out of fumbling with a charging cable....

...Don’t get me wrong — I still use a wired charger when I need a fast charge and I’m low on battery. The speed of the wireless charging pad is too slow if you have somewhere to go and limited time. Bringing back the phone from a very low charge takes the charging pad about 3-4 hours so don’t expect the world of this thing.

You can read the full article here, along with a nice gallery of photos of the Nokia DT-900 charger pad in use. 

I've got very used, in the Android world, to always having my Galaxy Nexus in its charging dock when in the house, and this on-pad solution for the likes of the Lumia 920 seems to offer similar convenience. Not having to fiddle around making sure to insert a microUSB cable the right way round into a tiny socket is a big boon. Not to mention saving mechanical wear and tear on the connections. 

Source / Credit: The Mobile Fanatics