Another tech writer moves to Windows Phone 8

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Geek Wire's Todd Bishop, with all the world's smartphones to choose from, has plumped for the Nokia Lumia 920, switching away from the iPhone 4S. It does mean that the Geek Wire team can cover all three mobile OS smartphones, but has Bishop taken one for the team? Far from it.

The first decision does seem to be more around Windows Phone 8, which of course leaves the choice of the handset. Would it be the HTC 8X or the Nokia Lumia 920?

But the screen sizes are actually very comparable — 4.5 inches for the Lumia and 4.3 inches for the HTC 8X. Basically a wash. Nokia has developed some interesting Windows Phone apps, including maps, turn-by-turn directions and its City Lens application. The quality of the Nokia camera and the 32 GB of storage also were a draw for me. In addition, Nokia has bet its future on Windows Phone, for better or worse, so the Lumia feels like it’s on front lines.

Lumia 920 screenAs contracts come up for renewal this is a decision that many consumers are going to come against, so the coverage of how writers and reporters online get on with these 'switches'.

I’ve tested Windows Phones in the past as part of our coverage but never used them for more than two weeks at a stretch, while always keeping my trusty iPhone within close reach. My goal in making the switch completely is to broaden my perspective and better understand the benefits and drawbacks of Microsoft’s mobile platform.

It's going to be interesting to see if Bishop continues after the 30 day return period. He has tried Windows Phone before, but never went 'all in' by ditching his iPhone. Now he is, and we'll watch Geek Wire with interest.

Source / Credit: Geek Wire