Sprint says "Windows Phone 8 is coming soon"

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It's not much to report, but US network Sprint is getting read to launch some Windows Phone 8 devices in the near future, if the details on their support pages are anything to go by. On the page titles 'Learn more about Windows Phone 8' the article simply reads 'Windows Phone 8 is coming soon'.

What devices Sprint will carry is not yet known, but given the US market, it's likely that the handsets will have some customisation involved in the design. Nokia's Lumia 820 has a number of iterations on AT&T and Verizon, and if this handset is coming to Sprint, at the very least we're expecting a few exclusive funky covers to go with it.

The HTC 8XPerhaps a variant of the HTC 8X will debut on the network (HTC have previously said the HTC 8S is not going to be available in America), or Samsung's ATIV range is earmarked for Sprint. Time will tell, and we'll be watching to see what Sprint brings the US public in 2013.

Source / Credit: Sprint support article