Mehdoh's Windows Phone 8 version updated to 3.2

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One of the popular third party clients for Twitter has been updated to v3.2. The new version of Mehdoh picks up on a number of issues and tweaks them, but also adds in the option to alter the rate limit settings for your Twitter streams. This builds on the recent 3.1 update which supported the new WP8 lock screen and added in support for voice commands.

The change log, via the Mehdoh website, is as follows:

version 3.2 (currently only available for WP8 devices)

  • rate limit screen (under settings)
  • fix for tweeting emoticons
  • fix for maps on geotagged tweets
  • fix for fetching older mentions

And for completeness, for the Windows Phone 8 versions you also have...

...version 3.1 (currently only available for WP8 devices)

  • lock screen wallpaper (WP8 only feature)
  • fix for instagram feed not refresing
  • view and refresh instagram user profiles
  • refresh soundcloud profiles
  • fix for changing your own screen name
  • mehdoh green tile option
  • voice commands for en-US
  • instagram have disabled commenting via mehdoh

...version 3.0 (currently only available for WP8 devices)

  • lock screen notifications (icon + text, WP8 only features)
  • voice commands (WP8 only feature) - UK only at present
  • twitter profile banner images
  • twitter api 1.1
  • changed menu options around
  • fast app resume (WP8 only feature)
  • lots of small bug fixes
  • removed several retweet homescreen options (due to 1.1 API)
  • temporarily removed custom themes (WP8 only)
  • unfortunately removed tile options in order to provide lock screen info (WP8 only)

Mehdoh Mehdoh

It's important to note that Mehdoh isn't just for Twitter, it also supports a number of third party image sharing services, web clipper Read it Later, and has limited support for Instagram.

You can download your free trial and full copy of Mehdoh via our App Directory, or through the Windows Store.

Source / Credit: Mehdoh Website