Nokia release Spy Mouse for Windows Phone 8

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One of my favourite Xbox Live games from last year was a Nokia exclusive title. The EA published Spy Mouse, from Firemint, mixed the control methods of Flight Control, the plot of a James Bond movie, and the hi-jinks of Tom and Jerry. But for compatibility reasons, it was not released for Windows Phone 8 during 2012. The good news is that this has changed, and Lumia 820 and 920 users can play this Nokia exclusive.

Spy Mouse

I reviewed Spy Mouse when it was released on Windows Phone 7, and found a stylish game that provide a familiar feeling but unique challenge:

Spy Mouse is a great game and I like that the developers have really pushed the envelope as much as they have. Maybe it was pushed a little too far with the inclusion of a Boss level, but they are inventive additions and if you are playing in a long gaming session then it's a nice change of pace. I do think that most people are going to play this in short burst, perhaps one level at a time, but attempting it five or six times to get all the level achievements. It's not surprising that Firemint have got a mobile game suited to mobile game play, but it's really nice to have it all working in a single package. It's a deft mix of puzzle, tactics, and arcade action, with great graphics and easy controls. Definitely recommended.

Spy Mouse

The only issue that I have, and it's not unique one to Spy Mouse, is that the progress I have made on the Lumia 800 before Christmas with Spy Mouse cannot be moved over to another handset, including the newer Lumia 820.

It's all very well Microsoft allowing you to have a backup list of applications, but it's the save game data that needs a solution. Just now it's an issue because I review a lot of devices but if anyone resets a phone or has to recieve a replacement unit... the save game data is personally valuable, but needs to be sacrificed.

You can pick up Spy Mouse via the All About Windows Phone directory.

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