Nokia's Picnic Wars is first new (exclusive) Xbox Live title of 2013

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Okay, so maybe there's not a complete lack of Xbox Live action on Windows Phone after all. Nokia's exclusive deal with EA and its subsidiaries continues to provide us with some new releases (albeit on a less predictable schedule). New in the Windows Store for Lumia owners is the Chillingo branded Picnic Wars!

Picnic Wars

Picnic Wars is an isometric viewed catapult game with a hint of Angry Birds as the eternally dueling forces of birds and pigs fruit and vegetables.  The 30 degree angle certainly brings a different look to the game, which is added to by the cartoon style graphics seen in the menus and the cutscenes.

The other twist is that the opposition are fighting back. As you sit out in full view of the enemy structure, your catapult can take damage from the projectiles thrown at you. Take too much damage, and it's game over.

Picnic Wars

Picnic Wars certainly stands out with the plot lines, even if the gameplay feels a little bit staged and less inventive than the frustrated avians. From the directory listing:

  • Choose your side; will it be the easy going Fruits, or the tough vegetables? Either way you will have a veritable farmer's market of food to fling at your enemy's fort, including tomatoes, eggplants, mushrooms, strawberries and much more!
  • Destroy everything in sight with explosive fruit and vegetable ammo. Think strategically as you plant your crops—you'll need to make sure you brought along the right seeds for the job!
  • Picnic Wars features an epic 64-level campaign split between the two food groups. Hurl 23 varieties of fruit and vegetable. Deploy 12 different kinds of launcher. If you're still not satisfied, there's the mega-powerful Pumpkin Bomb. This one's a real doozy.

You can pick up the trial version from the Windows Store (it's under the Nokia Collection tab), and we'll have a review in the near future.

Source / Credit: Find it in the Windows Store