Randomise your lockscreen with the updated Locksider

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Liquid Daffodil's lock screen utility, Locksider, picked up a small bug-fix over the holidays, and is now ready to bring some glorious images to your Windows Phone 8 smartphone. The update fixes the issue where user settings were being lost.

Locksider is not the only lock screen utility, so what does this one offer?

  • Tap through randomly selected, hand-picked backgrounds from our popular Outsider collection!
  • Schedule to have your lockscreen automatically updated at various time throughout the day!
  • Manage any and all Categories to have your backgrounds pulled from based on your mood at the moment!

 Locksider Locksider

There's no trial version, but Locksider is available in the Windows Store at the lower 79p/99c price level.

Source / Credit: Find it in the Windows Store