Red Bull Kart Fighter World shows another way to monetise apps

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Some apps you buy, some apps have advertising, some use the freemium model. In the case of Red Bull Kart Fighter World Tour, the entire application is the advert, and the sponsoring company (drinks company Red Bull) is not going to let you forget they're behind this game. Thankfully, the game itself is one of the better kart games I've played on Windows Phone.

Red Bull Kart Fighter World Tour

Rather than a full 3D view from the driver's perspective, or a behind the Kart view along the lines of Super Mario Kart, Red Bull Kart Fighter World Tour (a title which manages to get all the keywords in place for good SEO) harks back to titles like Super Sprint, with a top down view of the track and stylised graphics that give a hint of 3D while not complicating the viewpoint or the playing experience.

And it plays very well. Red Bull Karts (I'm going with the shorter name now) has that perfect balance of speed, grip, and power-sliding your kart around different locations, including the White House, a British stately home, and the outdoor ice rinks of Austria.

Red Bull Karts Fighter World Tour

Neither does it skimp on levels. Over the three different skill levels (represented by three different karts you can choose from) you have 162 circuits to race around and attempt to finish in first place on all of them. That's a lot of racing to go through and points to earn while racing - points that can be used to buy upgrades for your karts.

Yes it's an advert, but at the same time there's no hiding the purpose of the game - it's to associated Red Bull in your mind with great experiences, rewarding the time you spend with the brand, and helping you have fun. Recommend as a good karting game, recommended as a demonstration on how to do this type of app, but most of all recommended because its really (really) good.

Red Bull Kart Fighter World Tour

You can download your free copy of Red Bull's driving game with the very long name from the Windows Store.

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