Google Play Music client CloudMuzik updated for WP8

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Given that Google have said they are not looking to develop Windows Phone apps in the near future, fans of Google Play's Music client will be on the lookout for a third party client for the service. Jeremy Sinclair's CloudMuzik is one option, and is now available for Windows Phone 8.

Here are the highlighted features from the directory listing:

  • Full Library support
  • Full Refresh of music library
  • Refresh of latest songs uploaded
  • Playlist support
  • Social sharing of current song
  • Repeat and Shuffle capabilities
  • Pinning of Artist, Album, Playlist and Genre to Start
  • Background Audio
  • Experimental local song caching

 CloudMuzik CloudMuzik

As an unsupported app accessing Google services, CloudMuzik will have to cope with any changes in the Google Play Music service (just as MetroTube and other YouTube clients have to do so). Balancing that, the client is a free download.

Head over to the Windows Store to grab the client.

Source / Credit: Find it in the Windows Store