Nokia and Windows Phone score highly in customer satisfaction survey

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With scores of 53% satisfaction rating for Windows Phone in Changewave's customer satisfaction survey (and 56% for Nokia as a standalone company), Microsoft's mobile operating system was ranked higher than Android (48%), but less than iOS, which scores a rating of 71%.

The survey is based in North America, and given the smartphone situation that Nokia is under (the Lumia devices and the occasional pay as you go handset) the satisfaction rating is almost all down to their Windows Phone range.

Numbers and reports like this should be rolled back into the sales changes quickly. It augments the cracking reviews that the Windows Phone 8 hardware has been receiving online and in the press, it emphasises that Windows Phone is a good operating system to use, and it continues the idea that the once people use the OS, they will appreciate everything it offers.

Nokia Lumia 920

The survey is available via ChangeWave's website. More details on the report can be found at Cellular-News.

Source / Credit: ChangeWave