Nokia release Blobster as another Xbox Live exclusive

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At least Nokia are keeping the Xbox Live flag flying! Their release of Blobster under the premiere gaming brand on Windows Phone keeps things ticking over and is another collaboration with Electronic Arts. Blobster is from EA's subsidiary Chilingo, and is a platform game that has you rolling what appears to be a ball of silly putty around a brightly coloured cartoon world.

Blobster is all very innocent. Everything feels like 'just enough' has been done to get the game published. The graphics are functional with a few nice touches, the levels are rather short (although you could argue as I have done before that this is perfect for a mobile game), and I'm not sure how much of a challenge the title will provide the hardcore gamer.


  • Levels like you’ve never seen before!
  • Amazing level design will have players in awe as they fling their way through the engrossing campaign.
  • Super easy to pick up and play, flick Blobster around using the intuitive control scheme.
  • Collect game-changing power ups, including the ability to rocket through the sky, float like an angel or transform into a giant.
  • A variety of pesky enemies to squash, each with their own special ability Blobster must overcome.


You'll find the full version and the trial of Blobster in the Nokia Collection section of the Windows Store.

Source / Credit: Find it in the Windows Store