Flight Control Rocket landing on your Lumia this morning

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Alongside Blobster, Nokia have also released Flight Control Rocket, an updating of the original Flight Control concept by Firemint. You'll be steering your rockets, lunar landers, and capsules, bringing them safely into land, avoiding the extra-terrestrials, pesky asteroids, and more hazards than you can shake any of the fifteen spacecraft at.

The gameplay is subtly changed from Flight Control, and unfortunately there is no trial version available for this Xbox Live title - a situation that we've only seen once before on Cut The Rope (another big cross-platform title) and that dulls my excitement a little. Mind you, on other platforms Flight Control Rocket has taken a freemium approach and I think I prefer the flat fee than being slowly nickle and dimed to generate revenue.

Flight Control Rocket

  • 10 new Motherships!
  • New ‘Rescue’ game mode!
  • 4 new Bots!
  • The classic Flight Control experience – but with a retro Sci-Fi inspired flavor and pace all of its own
  • 15 spacecraft with unique abilities and characteristics
  • Thrilling game modes such as the fast-paced Infinity and the expansive Odyssey
  • A cast of quirky Robots with special powers that help boost your score
  • Unlock a near endless number of stages. Push onward and venture to the farthest frontiers...
  • Multiple lives means one collision isn't the end of your daring ion-powered adventure. The galaxy loves a risk-taker...
  • Keep your fleet fully stocked with goodies from the Shop
  • Compete with the galaxy’s top captains on the online leaderboards

Flight Control Rocket

The full priced download can be found in the Nokia Collection of the Windows Store.

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