Radio Lounge, the new name for BBC Radio Player

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The ever popular BBC Radio Player has went through a name change as it reaches v3.0, with a view to extending the current 74 radio stations outside of the BBC offering and introducing other stations, likely from the commercial space, but potentially with a number of the UK community radio stations as well.

From the app directory:

  • Background audio playback (Windows Phone 7.5/8.0 only)
  • Choose from 74 BBC Radio stations
  • Now and next programme guide
  • Full integration with music + video hub
  • Playback continues under lock screen
  • Ability to block GSM-based streaming
  • Comprehensive programme caching
  • Dynamic server management
  • Links to the programme web page 
  • Programme reminder function 
  • Pinning station to start screen 

 Radio Player Radio Player 

Apart from the name change, there are no major changes in v3.0, although I suspect there has been some changes to the architecture to allow for the upcoming expansion of radio stations.

The trial version gives you access to the six main national stations (Radios 1, 2, 3, 4, Radio 4 Long Wave, and Radio 1xtra), while the full directory of BBC national, regional, and local stations will cost 99p/$1.29

Source / Credit: Find it in the Windows Store