Now the DT-900 gets the 3D printing treatment

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Last week we reported that Nokia had released 3D printing templates so that anyone could produce their own shells for the Lumia 820. Continuing in that theme, a young designer from the Netherlands, going by the name of Relief, has proposed some designs for a desktop holder that would change Nokia's DT-900 wireless charging plate into a desk stand.

Relief is catching a logical hole in the market here – all of the wireless charging devices from Nokia are on the pricey side, but the DT-900 is the lowest cost option. However, it's hard to use the phone while charging because it's laid flat, not at an angle.

Relief is hosting his design on Shapeways which is a 3D printing service and community. So far he has just posted ideas for the design and is taking comments on how she should adjust the design. Once everyone who is interested is happy, the product will (hopefully) go on sale.

This is what Relief has to say about his project (source):

Hi folks! I have come up with a holder for Nokia's wireless charger. Normally you have to put your 820/920 flat to charge it which makes it difficult to use while charging. With this dock you can convert your flat charger into an angled charger. This way its easier to interact with your smartphone. Lots of people got their charger for free, so i wanted to offer something unique to make the charger more useful. I i am showing this publicly for a discussion on reliability before i open it for sale to you. If you have something to comment about this model, be free to do so! I really appreciate constructive criticism. Especially since i am new to this 3D printing.

According to the comments, Relief needs to optimise his design before it becomes cost effective. If you're interested, make your views known in the comments section of the product page. Other people's comments have already altered the design – for example by moving the gap for the power cable from the top of the stand to the bottom.

If you want to read more about the stand, see the project page on Shapeways.


Source / Credit: WMPowerUser