Take it easy and play Joining Hands

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A relaxing game title now, as 10tons 'Joining Hands' arrives on Windows Phone after picking up critical acclaim on iOS and Android. With no limits, evil monsters, or other hazards, this puzzle game can be played at a leisurely pace... but don't read that as 'taking it easy' because it's fiendish and feisty.

Joining Hands

It's a simple idea, you need to arrange the peablins (the characters you can see on the hex grid) so that they are all holding hands, with no 'spare hands' anywhere. Some peablins have only one hand, others have multiple appendages. All you need to do is arrange them on the hex grid so every hand is holding another hand.

As usual, it sounds simple...

Joining Hands

From the directory listing:

  • No time limits, no enemies, no pressure.
  • Innovative, elegant and easy to learn.
  • Fun and suitable for all ages.
  • Several kinds of Peablins requiring unique approaches.
  • Hilarious sound effects.
  • More than a hundred levels.

You can pick up the trial version, or buy the full price title, over on the Windows Store. Hat tip to Pocket Gamer for the heads up!

Source / Credit: Find it in the Windows Store