Finger Rugby brings the pressure of the penalty kick to your phone

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With the Six Nations rugby tournament under way for 2013, I stumbled over Finger Rugby in the Windows Store. Strictly speaking it's just the penalty kick / conversion attempts from Rugby, but it's a fun little leisure title that's worth the free download.

 Finger Rugby Finger Rugby

The controls are simple, just use your finger as your kicking foot, and slam the ball between the posts. Of course you're going to have to taken into account the distance and the wind to make sure the kick goes over. Get it wrong, and you lose a life. Nail it on the accuracy, and earn bonuses and extra lives.

Add in a simple menu structure, and a global high score table powered by ScoreLoop, and you have a quick and challenging game. Perhaps a little more could be made of the game to increase the addictiveness and 'just one more go' nature of the game, but I'm happy with what's on offer here.

Well, as happy as a Scotsman who has to watch the Six Nations...

You can download Finger Rugby for free in the Windows Store.

Source / Credit: Find it in the Windows Store