Words With Friends updated for stabilty

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Zynga's juggernaut of a word game, Words with Friends, has not had a smooth ride on Windows Phone. When it wasn't on the platform it was used as an example of poor third party app support, and when it did arrive it was a rather dire conversion from Android. While it's not picked up much graphical polish, an update has arrived that improves the stability of the code, improving the playability.

From the directory listing:

New in v1.1.1.0

  • Many more crash and stability issues addressed
  • Repairs to game- and chat-sync events
  • Improvements to notification performance

Zynga on Windows Phone Zynga on Windows Phone

While we might jest about the talismanic properties of the title, it's great to see that the app has been updated and continues to recieve some love from the Zynga devs.

You can download Words with Friends from the Windows Store, while Nokia Lumia owners have a free version of the app available in the Nokia Collection section of the store (hat tip to WP Central).

Source / Credit: Find it in the Windows Store