New publishing division aimed at helping developers port iOS games to Windows Phone

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Glu Mobile has announced a new publishing division aimed at helping third-party developers port iOS games to Android and Windows Phone, according to Mobile Entertainment. Under the name Glu Publishing, four inaugural partner titles will be launched towards the end of the year. There will then be a new third party game each month in 2014.

From the original article:

Glu CEO Niccolo de Masi, said that the company will look to leverage its Beijing, Moscow and Hyderabad, India offices to assist developers in emerging nations expand their offerings to the North American market.

"Each development team with a product that has demonstrated a strong kernel of success, be it on a given platform, country or language, we will be able to partner with Glu Publishing to dramatically expand worldwide reach," de Masi said, according to a Seeking Alpha transcript. "Glu has always received a significant volume of inbound publishing requests from developers all over the world. Going forward, we will not only select from these, but also actively seek out partners worldwide who have a track record of success."

Meanwhile, Glu has also reported Q4 revs of $21 million, up from $15.2 million in Q4 2011. Smartphone games generated 89 per cent of revenues, representing an 85 per cent year-over-year increase.

Given that we're only in the second month of 2013, the timescales involved are rather slow, let's hope the porting process goes faster than expected. iOS currently has by far the biggest and best game title line-up in the mobile world.

Source / Credit: Mobile Entertainment