4th And Mayor brings back points information in new update

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With the return of the 'points information' screen on checking in, Jeff Wilcox has continued to improve his third party FourSquare client 4th and Mayor with the latest update to v3.1.2.

It's a brief change log that's available on Wilcox's website:

Version 3.12 of 4th & Mayor for Windows Phone has been published to the Windows Phone Store.

  • This release brings back points information after checking in - on the “What’s new” page!
  • Points information is now shown on any check-in, including those by your friends - the same page with “comments” and like/unlike of check-ins.

4th and Mayor is one of those third party apps for web services that really shows how capable the Windows Phone user interface can be, creating a unique experience, but one that is also instantly comfortable:

The biggest reason for switching to Wilcox's client is speed. I've not taken a stopwatch out to measure it, but 4th and Mayor feels a shade faster than the official client. Part of this might be down to the 'Check-in Now' live tile which drops you straight to the list of nearby venues - the few moments saved there by opening up a subset of the application. Part of it might just be in smart coding and caching, as I guess both apps are using the same API calls to the Foursquare database. Nevertheless, my brain says 4th and Mayor is the one that allows me to check-in faster and with fewer issues, and that's enough for me.

4th and Mayor 4th and Mayor

You can download the update from the Windows Store online, or directly on your smartphone.

Source / Credit: Find it in the Windows Store