Presenting the redesigned Facebook app by 1800 Pocket PC

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You might recall last week's note that 1800 Pocket PC were setting out to redesign the Facebook app for Windows Phone, and were looking for ideas. Well the results are in, and you can read the thoughts and reaction over on the site.

From the post:

Last week we asked you ( also on reddit ) – how would you change Facebook on Windows Phone.  I must admit for the the great discussion were listed many of the problems of the app... Now we will try to change that with today’s concept. Here is the visual part – refresh news feed and new way to access most used features.

Facebook Redesigned by 1800 Pocket PC

I suppose the one thing that stands out for me is the lack of elements from the Windows Design Language - if I had to say what this version reminded me of, it wouldn't be Windows Phone, it would be Google Play. And while looks are a big part of app design, I think I'd rather any developer time on the Facebook app be spent on implementing common features on the Facebook platform, rather than displaying the same information in a different way.

Still, it keeps the Facebook app's status in the minds of users and commentators, and that's a good thing.

More screenshots, views, and commentary can be found over on 1800 Pocket PC.

Source / Credit: 1800 Pocket PC