But which is better, the Lumia 822 or the ATIV Odyssey?

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With the Nokia Lumia 822 and the Samsung ATIV Odyssey both taking on the role of 'budget' handset on US network Verizon, All Things D's Bonnie Cha looks at the two contenders.

First, Lumia 822:

This is also true of Nokia’s display, which has the same resolution as Samsung’s screen but is slightly bigger, at 4.3 inches. Those extra three-tenths of an inch made a huge difference when using the onscreen keyboard and viewing Web articles. I was able to type faster and with fewer errors, since the keyboard’s layout was roomier. Also, when viewing websites like AllThingsD and the New York Times on the Nokia, the pages didn’t look as cramped as they did on the Samsung.

Nokia Lumia 822

And then the ATIV Odyssey:

Truth be told, I was a little underwhelmed by the ATIV Odyssey. It’s Samsung’s first Windows Phone 8 device, but there’s nothing about it that makes it stand out from the competition. While cute and compact at 4.8 inches tall by 2.5 inches wide and 4.4 ounces, this handset’s black-and-gray chassis blends in with the rest of the touchscreen smartphones on the market.

Verizon Wireless and ATIV Odyssey

Cha eventually comes down for the Lumia 822, although both handsets would be great purchases and serve you well for a long time. I'm not sure how much traction they will get in the US, as the more capable Windows Phone 8 are only another $50 on the same $80 (ish) per month contract, but Nokia have eeked out the win in another direct comparison of Windows Phone handsets.

The full article is online at All Things D.

Source / Credit: Bonnie Cha (All Things D)