Amazing Weather updated for Windows Phone 8

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Amazing Weather HD is a Windows Phone weather app that is known for its striking animations to display the current weather conditions, similar to HTC's weather apps. The application has now been updated to support new features of Windows Phone 8, with support for all live tile sizes and dynamic lock screens, both of which support several different themes. These new features round off an already impressive package. Note that the application weighs in at 86MB so you'll need to be installing from your home WiFi.

You can manually select local or remote weather stations, and tapping the pin icon on the toolbar takes you into a screen where you can "mix and match" tile themes for the front and back of the tile for each of available tile sizes.

Similarly, there are seven variants of the lockscreen style, with background images corresponding to the current weather conditions in some options. It's also possible to set Amazing Weather HD to use the Bing image of the day, with the chosen weather data displayed on top.

Amazing Weather HD costs £1.49 and has a free trial, check it out from our AAWP App Directory.

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Source / Credit: AAWP App Directory