Look inside the Nokia Lumia 720 via FCC certification

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Given its imminent retail availability, it comes as no surprise that the Nokia Lumia 720 recently passed certification by the FCC (US regulatory body). While the device, lacking LTE connectivity, is not expected to be picked up by any US carrier, the FCC reports do include some photos that let us see the innards of the latest addition to the Lumia line up.

What's most notable is that internally the device uses a single frame design. This, in addition to the OIS-less camera module, smaller screen, and less bulky polycarbonate casing, goes a long way to explaining why the Lumia 720 (128g) is significant lighter than both the Lumia 920 (185g), which uses a double frame design, and the Lumia 820 (160g).

Internal photo of Lumia 720

The internal photos also show the relative size of the front (top left) and rear (bottom left) facing camera modules. The front facing camera module of the Lumia 720 is substantially smaller than the rear facing camera module, but is a little bigger than is typical for a front facing camera, reflecting its higher quality and better performance. It's also possible to see how both the microSD card slot (middle left) and microSIM card slot (top right) take up a significant proportion of the main circuit board, despite their diminutive size.

Other points of interest from the FCC documentation include the device's manual, which offers details on the Lumia 720's microSD card slot release mechanism (requires a SIM door key), and the standard SAR reports, which detail the positioning of the aerials (cellular at the bottom, WiFi and Bluetooth at the top right).

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Source / Credit: FCC