Asana app for Windows Phone out of beta

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For those who don't know, Asana is a collaborative project managment web service. It has yet to grab mainstream attention but is used by several of the websites I write for as a mean for handing out and exchanging information on assignments for multi-person teams. Asana has had an official app for iOS for quite a while and has just released a version for Android. The app in question for Windows Phone is a third party app simply called Asana, which may raise trademark disputes if or when Asana decide to make an offiical app.

I have been beta testing this app for quite sometime, and have seen significant upgrades in both the user interface and speed of synchornisation. The app is free and so it's a must-have if you work remotely with a team who coordinates via Asana.

To use Asana on the web, you must sign in with a Google account. However, this authentication method is not an option for this third party app, instead you'll have to dig into the settings page of the desktop website and find your API key. Either email it to yourself or put it into OneNote so you can transfer the code to your phone and easily paste it into the login page of the app.