Checking-in is the key to location based game Greed City

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In the game Greed City your aim is to become the ultimate property tycoon and climb the world's rich list. You do this by checking-in at locations, gaining credits as you do so. These credits can then be used to buy locations. Subsequently, when other players check-in at a location you own, you will gain additional credits. 

The catch? All the locations in the game are tied to places in the real world, the number of times you can check-in each day is limited, and you can only check-in at locations close to your current physical location. This kind of game play linked to real world locations is a clever concept, and arguably adds more meaning to the game, but it can be a little limiting while the pool of people playing the game is still relatively small.

Greed CityGreed City

Currently in-game locations are limited to food related businesses (bakeries, cafes coffee shops, restaurants, and so on), but this could clearly be expanded to additional categories in the future.

At the time of writing there are relatively few locations that you can check-in at, but sensibly it is easy to add your own locations. Indeed, creating a new location is actually the cheapest way to buy a location (10 credits and 1 diamond). Before others can check-in at a location, you will need to buy stock (30 items for 10 credits), and each time someone checks in at a location the stock level will go down by one. If no stock is available it's not possible to check in at a location.

As you might expect, the user interface of Greed City looks far more like a location check-in app than a game, but there's no denying it's been beautifully implemented, closely adhering to the Microsoft design language (Metro).  

Greed CityGreed City

The game is free to download, and, when you first start the game, you receive a certain number of credits and diamonds for free. You can earn more by playing the game, but there's also an option to take a shortcut to wealth via in-app purchases (3 diamonds and 100 credits for £0.79, 5 diamonds and 250 credits for £0.99, 15 diamonds and 1000 credits for £1.99), making this something of a freemium title.

It's early days for Greed City, which is going to need a critical mass of players before it can really take off, but even now it is worth a look, both so you both make an early claim to your favourite locations, and to admire the slick interface and clever game concept.

Windows Phone Store description:

Compete to become the ultimate property tycoon and climb the worlds exclusive rich list!Build a property empire using real world locations and real world check-ins. Earn game credits by checking into places, or better yet, buy that place and earn credits when other players check-in.

Greed City, which is a Windows Phone 8 only title, can be downloaded for free from the Windows Phone Store.

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