Nokia Lumia 620 disassembly and repair video

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LE55ONS, a YouTube user who regularly posts videos demonstrating how to repair smartphones, has posted a disassembly and assembly video for the Nokia Lumia 620. The 27 minute video goes into a great level of detail, effectively offering a guided tour or the innards of Nokia's Windows Phone flagship, but will also be invaluable for those looking to do a DIY replacement of the digitizer touch screen and display.

It's important to note that any DIY repair will void your warranty, but as LE55ONS says it may save you money. Do remember that your device comes with at least a one year limited warranty, which should cover repairs, free of charge, for manufacturing defects (i.e. it wont cover accidental damage).

Video contents:

Skip Intro 2:31
Mainboard 6:12
Earpiece 7:10
Display 9:22
LED light guide 14:31

See also LE55ONS videos for the Lumia 920 and Lumia 820.

Source / Credit: YouTube