Disqus gets major new version, v1.2, with inline browser

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It's a fair cop, we're biased in that All About Windows Phone uses Disqus for all its article comments, but it's also worth noting that Disqus is not only one of the most useful applications on the platform, it's also currently exclusively on Windows Phone, i.e. you have to have use this OS to get a proper Disqus mobile client. Anyway, v1.2 is hot off the press and brings an inline browser that you can use instead of Internet Explorer and which auto-scans for Disqus comments on each page and offers an in-client way of reading and interacting with them.

If you're new to Disqus, it's a cross-platform, cross-website commenting system and it's being adopted extremely widely, offering social features and centralised spam management and, hopefully, taking some of the workload of webmasters everywhere.

Now fairly mature on Windows Phone (with this release), Disqus is still listed as 'coming soon' for iOS and Android.

The changelog for v1.2 is listed as:

  • New inline browser - Disqus Browser (beta) finds Disqus comment threads as you browse your favourite websites. No more leaving the app to view the web sites
  • New 'recent discussions' page on your dashboard that shows all the discussions you've starred or commented on
  • Discussions now show an image and description of the article, if available
  • Various other fixes and localisations (languages supported)

Here's the new version 1.2 in action:

Screenshot, DisqusScreenshot, Disqus

I loved the friendly opening screen, with a link to a YouTube video that explains more about Disqus; (right) the opening homescreen/dashboard

Screenshot, DisqusScreenshot, Disqus

'Notifications' gives the full picture of every interaction with your online comments; (right) note that Disqus can check its central server for comment notifications in the background, for reporting via the  Disqus live tile

Screenshot, DisqusScreenshot, Disqus

It's the new inline browser that's the star turn here though, both allowing you to follow web links with impunity (as here), without leaving the Disqus application, or...

Screenshot, DisqusScreenshot, Disqus

...or simply using this as your casual browser of choice, certainly for sites which you know (or suspect) use Disqus - the application scans for a Disqus comment block, shows you the summary number and then hands over to the main application code for comment reading and interaction in the usual way.

Great stuff - this is my preferred way of keeping up with all the comment threads on All About Symbian and All About Windows Phone and it comes highly recommended, this is an excellent new update.

You can download the new Disqus client here in the Windows Phone Store.