Red Stripe Deals: Mush, My Stocks Portfolio+, Ruzzle

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Microsoft's weekly app discounting initiative, Red Stripe Deals, is now in its fourth week. This weeks offerings include Mush (quirky puzzle adventure game with mood changing character), My Stocks Portfolio+ (monitor stocks and the performance of your portfolio), and Ruzzle (fast paced puzzle game where you find words in a grid).

Here's how we reviewed Mush last year (77%):

At the basic descriptive level, this is a platform-based exploring game. You take control of the titular character Mush as he works through twelve worlds (the levels) collecting the little balls of fluff that are scattered around each world, looking for your companions who are trapped inside a Russian Doll.


Mush has a distinctive style, with a huge amount of pastel shaded colours on show here, rather than solid cartoon-like blocks of colour. It's a very calm look, and while everything is clear, there's a lovely blend of the background and foreground 'pretty' graphics, and the objects that are physically part of each level. It's easy to distinguish as you start playing, while giving you a sense of this being a real place rather than just some connected spaces in a maze.

Platforms need unique games to stand out - it's nice to have Angry Birds on whichever phone you pick up, but you need the unique games to attract and reward people who invest in Windows Phone. Mush is exactly that.

It's not a flagship game, but it's one that many people will fall in love with. More of this in Xbox Live, please!

Here's how the Windows Phone blog describes the weekly deals:

Each week the Store’s Red Strip Deals Collection will feature three popular apps and games—typically one Xbox game, one indie game, and one top-rated app—for at least 50% off the original price. (In case you’re wondering, the collection name derives from the red stripe you’ll see around each discounted app’s icon in the phone Store).

The Red Stripe Deals can be accessed via the Windows Phone Store collections feature, either via the desktop website, or via the Store app on any Windows Phone device.

Source / Credit: Red Stripe Deals