Amplified Analytics says AT&T customers love Nokia smartphones

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A report from Amplified Analytics indicates that US smartphone customers are more satisfied with their Nokia Lumia devices than those with devices from other manufacturers, such as Apple, Blackberry, HTC, Motorola and Samsung. The market intelligence company is trailing a new report on its blog that indicates AT&T customers who use a Nokia smartphone reported customer satisfaction 21% above average across all major carriers and all major brands.

The figure for AT&T is given a boost by the fact that the Lumia 920 carrying operator's customers are, in general, more satisfied that those on other operators (Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon), but the pattern of higher customer satisfaction with Nokia devices can be found on all three of the major operators that range Nokia Lumia devices.

The information in Amplified Analytics reports was mined from 142,369 online customer reviews published prior to March 30th. The results are necessairly broad, but across the three US operators that range Nokia devices customer satisfaction with Nokia devices is notably higher than other major smartphone manufacturers. Intrugingly the biggest difference comes on the two carriers that have excluisve variants of the Nokia Lumia 820: T-Mobile (Nokia Lumia 810) and Verizon (Nokia Lumia 822).

Customer satisfaction by carrier

Customer satifaction is obviously an important metric for device manufacturers (effectively an analog for how much a customer likes a device), but it is also important for operators. Satisifed customers are happier customers and are less likely to switch to another operator. They are also generally less likely to make support calls either in person or over the phone. For operators reducing churn (customers switching to another operator) and support costs is a key path to increasing margins and profitability.

This profitability factors becomes important when an opeator is deciding what devices (and how many) to range in the future. Should these results be repeated in operators own internal metrics it is likely that Nokia will have an advantage in the next round of handset purchase / ranging negotiations.

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Source / Credit: Amplified Analytics