Microsoft says "Don't fight. Switch." in latest advert for Windows Phone

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Microsoft's latest advert for Windows Phone is a riff on the smartphone fan wars and the unavoidable wedding tension when two smartphone sporting families are joined together. The YouTube version of the promotional spot has now been viewed more than 2 million times, many more than most the company's previous adverts for the Windows Phone platform. On its own the advert is unlikely to make people switch to Microsoft's platform, but it should do a good job of building awareness of the platform.

Here's the 60 second video, which will be seen in cinemas and on TV in mutliple markets:

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Don't fight. See why now's the time to switch to the Windows Phone Nokia Lumia 920: Engadget Reader's Choice Smartphone of the Year.

And for some additional background here's a making of the ad video (inlcuding an insight into the mother-in-law stunt):

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Get a behind the scenes look at how director Roman Coppola created the latest ad for the Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone.