Good for Enterprise now supports Windows Phone 8

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Good for Enterprise for Windows Phone, which provides a secure email and device management solution, has updated its client app to version 1.8, adding support for Windows Phone 8 for the first time. New features include the ability to synchronize contacts with the native address book (People hub), support for application remote lock and wipe, support for the viewing of Office and PDF documents through the Office Hub, support for blocking copy / paste (i.e. stopping email contents being coped outside the Good app), and support for Windows Phone 8's fast app resume functionality.

On Windows Phone Good for Enterprise is a single application that integrates email, contacts and calendar, and allows the user to seamlessly and intuitively switch between the different functions. The app uses the familiar panorama and pivot views of the Modern UI and the different modules closely follow the design of the built in applications (especially for email and calendar functionality). All the data stored, received and sent by the application is encrypted (AES 192 bit) to ensure corporate security is maintained.

In Good for Windows Phone there's a strong emphasis on providing security at the application layer. This make sense in an enterprise world where BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is becoming increasingly common and where it may not be possible (or desirable) to lock down a device at the hardware or platform level, but where it is important to secure corporate data. This allows a user to use their device as they see fit (i.e. install personal apps, email accounts etc.), but still ensure that corporate data and functionality is as secure as on a fully managed device.

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Windows Phone Store description:

Good for Enterprise™ delivers secure mobile collaboration and device management for Windows Phone devices. With Good for Enterprise, employees securely access corporate email, contacts, and calendar. Good for Enterprise provides a unique, secure container that separates personal from business while respecting employees’ privacy – ideal for BYOD devices. Unlike other solutions, only Good for Enterprise prevents data loss by providing security at the application layer (in addition to device security).

What's New in 1.8:

  • Support for Windows Phone 8
  • Synchronize contacts with native address book
  • Conference dialer from calendar event
  • Application remote lock and wipe
  • Support blocking copy/paste policy
  • Office and PDF attachment viewing through third party apps (require enabling importing/exporting policy in GMC)
  • Support Fast Application Resume

Good for Enterprise can be downloaded from the Windows Phone Marketplace for free. Additional server side software and configuration is also required; in most cases this will be handled by enterprise IT departments.

Do note that the version 1.8 update is for Windows Phone 8 devices only. Version 1.5 remains available for Windows Phone 7.5 devices, but does not have the new features described above.

Source / Credit: Window Phone Store