One app's download history from the Windows Phone Store

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The developer behind Usherpress has posted some intersting numbers regarding Lil Todo, a simple GTD task list manager. Released in April 2011, it's now been in the Windows Phone Store for two years. How well has the app, with no real promotion behind it, that was written and posted as a learning exercise, performed?

All things being equal, this is a good example of a 'baseline' for app performance. People will stumble over the app, download it, and see what it does. In other words, if nothing else is done, this is how often an app will simply be 'found'.

Here's the graph of downloads from the blog post.

Lil Todo download graph

Ussherpress note a number of items on their blog post (which can be found in full here):

  • Today, the app has been downloaded over 5800 times.
  • The cumulative downloads slope is getting steeper. Today the app is downloaded roughly 10 times a day.

A lot of focus is placed on the big hitters and the handful of apps that rack up huge sales in the Windows Phone Store, so it's nice to see that downloads at the other end of the scale are also rising and getting consistent numbers.

The chart is also example of how unknown factors can have an impact. The most obvious example here is a spike in downloads in February, which the developer us unable to explain, but we think is likely to be the app being featured either within the store or another promotional medium (web page etc.).

Ussherpress, thanks for sharing!


Source / Credit: The Ussherpress Blog