Updated offline YouTube viewing and exporting with 'GetThemAll'

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You can't always guarantee you'll be in good coverage to get data on your Windows Phone, and that's one reason why the ability to download and consume media when you are offline is prized by many. Which is why I think some of you are going to like GetThemAll from FVD Media, which picked up a small update earlier this month.

 Get Them All  Get Them All

While there is a focus on YouTube with an in-app search engine to find the content, GetThemAll can download embedded media from the web. Use the built in web browser to navigate to a page with content, and you can select which element to download with the app.

No matter where you find the content, you should be able to download the media into the file system of the app. The media no longer is locked into the application, you can upload the saved media files to your Skydrive account, or send them over Wi-fi to your PC with the help of some client software that is available for free from the developer.

Get Them All

To watch any of the content, you'll need to open the videos from inside GetThemAll. While the app is listed as a media application in the Windows Phone hub, it does not integrate into the system any further than the app listing - so the videos you watch will not show up in either the 'new' or 'history' lists.

From the directory listing:

  • Download video (HTML5 and HD videos) and music files, archives, pictures, apps and so much more.
  • Use a smart and fast download manager boasting of high operation speed, Pause/Resume features, interrupted download feature and allowing simultaneous download of several different files.
  • Organize all downloads in an integrated file manager.
  • Surf the Web with the help of a super-easy integrated browser – or specify files for download in your default browser.
  • Parse pages in automatic mode to specify the exact files you want to download from the page you are visiting.
  • Use built-in Filters which will help you to select specific files.

The app is a free download from the Windows Phone Store.

Source / Credit: Find it in the Windows Phone Store