Time for some retro diamond collecting with PebbleDash

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Diamonds to collect, dirt to dig through, rocks to avoid... It might not be Tim Tyler's Repton (I'm still waiting for the iRepton port) but it is PebbleDash. Lutas' take on the classic collection puzzle/arcade game is a welcome weekend diversion for the Windows Phone gamer.


From the apps directory description:

Featuring 15 challenging levels to wander around in. PebbleDash challenges you to explore deep mines and search for rare jewels. Watch out for the falling rocks though!

In terms of control options, I'm glad that the developer allows the player to choose from the three main styles for arcade games on a touchscreen - virtual buttons, a d-pad control that works from wherever your thumb starts, or splitting up/down and left/right into different sides of the screen. Given there is so much movement in PebbleDash in every direction, having a comfortable control system is vital, and PebbleDash gives me that.


Fifteen levels does see a touch short for a game priced at £1.99/$2.49 (Update 4 June 2013, the price has dropped to 79p/99c), and it's a tough sell when you compare to the depth and time that other titles could provide. At the same time it supports a small developer, and the levels are very challenging, which means the mental reward is much greater.

A lite version is available to get you interested, and the full version can be found via the AAWP App Directory.

Source / Credit: Find it in the AAWP App Directory