Remember the good old gaming days with Jazz Jackrabbit?

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Jazz Jackrabbit is a name that many will not recognise, but the title represents a key moment in gaming. It was the first commercially successful platform game for the PC that rivalled titles like Mega Man, and Sonic the Hedgehog, and now a conversion of the 1994 classic is available for Windows Phone.

Jazz jackrabbit

Developed by Dobermann Software, the self-named title has you taking on the role of Jazz Jackrabbit as he sets out to rescue Eva Earlong from the clutches of the Turtle Terrorists. As with most platform games, the plot is just enough to sound impressive, but leaves a lot of scope open for platforming arcade action.

With a virtual joypad control on the left of the screen, and the action buttons on the right, old school gamers should feel right at home. Everyone else can see what they missed by not being around in 1994.

 Jazz jackrabbit

You can download Jazz Jackrabbit for your Windows Phone for free via the AAWP App Directory.

Source / Credit: Find it in the AAWP App Directory