Can Windows Phone return Microsoft to relevancy?

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Evan Porter has taken a look at Microsoft's route back to relevancy on the Nebo Agency's blog this week, and believes that Windows Phone is the vehicle to do just that. There are a number of issues in the way, and Porter has laid these out with arguments why Microsoft could overcome them.

Taking market share from the two incumbents presents different challenges. For iOS, Porter believes Microsoft needs to find a way to disrupt the brand loyalty of the hardcore Apple fan, although as the volume of the market grows the percentage of the market that will be in this group will become a smaller share as inflation diminishes their value.

Android is a trickier challenge:

Microsoft will remain the underdog unless Samsung suddenly buckles under the weight of its success in the smartphone market (which isn’t likely). Android sales are doing too well to be significantly impacted by the Windows phone. Google also has enough momentum to continue gaining more manufacturers, though it’s entirely possible that with more success, the Windows phone will steal some of them away.

Xperia and Lumia

But the biggest challenge isn't in addressing the competition, it's in the brand name of Windows. Reinvigorate that, Porter thinks, and you have a brand that will be at the forefront of the mobile space for many years.

You can read Porter's arguments online, what do you make of them?

Source / Credit: Evan Porter (Nebo)