Nextgen Reader announces Feedly support ahead of Google Reader closure

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Nextgen Reader, a popular RSS reader client for Windows Phone, has announced that it will shortly be introducing support for RSS service Feedly. ahead of the closure of Google Reader at the end of the month. The support comes as a result of Feedly's Normandy project, which is attempting to keep Google Reader's ecosystem alive by mirroring the Google Reader's APIs.

The updated version of Nextgen Reader will be made available for Windows Phone 8 before the end of the month. The Windows Phone 7 version will follow in July. The current version of the app can be downloaded from the Windows Phone Store today.

NextGen ReaderNextGen Reader

In a separate announcement Feedly also said that in response to user feedback it was placing the creation of its own Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 apps on its roadmap for the rest of the year.

Nextgen Reader and Feedly's own app are likely to be one of a number of options for current Google Reader users on Windows Phone. Many of the popular Google Reader powered apps for Windows Phone are announcing or have announced updates that will see apps continue to operate even after the shut down of Google Reader. For example, the NewsSpot app from Fourspot will be getting an update that will support multiple sync engines.

Other options include apps that already support, or are powered by, alternative RSS reading engines. For example, Metroblur is a Windows Phone client for Newsblur, one of the RSS services that is frequently cited alternative to Google Reader.

Source / Credit: Next Matters