HeaderTiles update adds new styles and UI options to aid customisation

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HeaderTiles has received an update that overhauls the user interface of the customisation application, and adds in two new tile styles to help you organise and label the live tiles on your Windows Phone.

The interface used in previous versions of HeaderTiles was pretty slick, but the update makes choosing accent colours, fonts, and entering text feel even more 'Windows Phone like' than previously. The iconography also fits in better with the flat style and the environment of your smartphone.

They've also added two new header styles... a turned down 'corner' header, and the 'square' header, which allows you to add a live tile that fits in nicely with the look and feel of the regular live tiles.

 HeaderTiles HeaderTiles 

For those of you who enjoy making a unique live tile screen, HeaderTiles was always going to be an attractive app, and now the process of making and managing the labels is even easier.

You can find the free download of HeaderTiles in the AAWP App Directory.

Source / Credit: Find it in the AAWP App Directory