Basic third party Snapchat client arrives for Windows Phone 8

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Snapchat (Unofficial) is a third party Snapchat client for Windows Phone 8. Snapchat is a photo messaging service, popular on Android and iOS, which lets users send annotated pictures to other users, with a time limit (up to 10 seconds) for how long a recipient can view a photo before it disappears (i.e. expiring photo messages).

While it does works, the app lacks polish and the UI and feature set is relatively bare bones, as reflected in the reviews on the Windows Phone Store. Nonetheless Jakob Pedersen's app can certainly lay claim to the title of the first operational Snapchat solution for Windows Phone. That's something that will make a lot of younger Windows Phone owners very happy.

Those looking for something more (e.g. push notifications) may not have long to wait. Windows Phone developers Daniel Gary and SRC Apps have noth announced that they are currently working on third party Snapchat clients, named Chatsnap and Swapchat respectively, and some rumours suggest an official app may not be far away. 

Snapchat (Unofficial) ScreenshotSnapchat (Unofficial) Screenshot

Windows Phone Store description:

For months you have been asking for it and here it finally is: A Windows Phone app for the ever popular social media photo sharing service Snapchat! Capture photos of your life and send it to your friends - and take a look at the photos they send you as well!

Snapchat (Unofficial) is a free download from the Windows Phone Store.