Get extra calendar information on your lockscreen with LockAgenda

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If you're looking to make your upcoming calendar information more glanceable then you may want to consider installing the recently updated LockAgenda app. Using Windows Phone 8's new APIs it places a mini-calendar view and appointment list on your smartphone's lockscreen.

It does this by creating a custom graphic and overlaying it on a user specified wallpaper. This allows more calendar related information to be displayed on the lockscreen than the built in option, which at most will display just the next appointment.

The wallpaper that the calendar graphic is overlaid on can be customised within the the app, with a choice between Bing picture of the day (multiple markets supported), or an image of your choice. It's good to see this extra touch included, as having a new picture every day, courtesy of Bing, is something that we have become accustomed to.

LockAgenda ScreenshotLockAgenda Screenshot

For the calendar graphic / information itself there's a choice of four layouts: a list of the next three of four appointments, a graphical busy view of the next two weeks plus the next two upcoming appointments, a graphical busy view of the next two weeks, or a graphical busy view of the next week.

To make sure you get exactly the look you want the app also lets you specify the background opacity, optionally show your current location, specify the colours used for the calendar components, filter out various appointment types (all day and private), and filter out specific calendars (e.g. work, personal, birthdays).

LockAgenda ScreenshotLockAgenda Screenshot

Windows Phone Store description:

LockAgenda is an application that displays on your screen lock your next appointment. The image is updated every 30 minutes.

LockAgenda can be downloaded from the Windows Phone Store. A fully functional free trial is available (limited to 5 days of use), with the full app costing £1.29 / $1.49 / €1.49.