Dominos Pizza in the US launch their pizza ordering app

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While the service has been available in the UK for over a year, US fans of Dominos Pizza can now order their favourite food direct from their Windows Phone handset.

From the features list in the App Directory:

  • The ability to order from almost any Domino’s in the U.S. (Nearly 5,000 locations)
  • Access to all the items on our national menu. · Find coupons available for use at your selected store.
  • The app will remember your most recent store and other useful information.
  • Sign in to your Pizza Profile to access your saved addresses and credit cards, or you may order as a guest.
  • Use Domino’s Tracker® to follow your order from the moment you place it until it’s out of the oven, ready for pickup or delivery
  • Use Windows Phone 8 speech recognition to select your favorite Domino's items.


I've used the Dominos UK app a number of times in the last year, and it's really rewarding to have an application that has a physical reward at the end of it. That the reward is pizza is salve to a working developer's heart. I suspect they went through a lot of pizza while they were doing the beta testing.

US Windows Phone users can download the app for free right now.

Source / Credit: Windows Phone Blog (Microsoft)