Wheely brings London and Moscow car booking service to Windows Phone

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Looking to book a car to drive you round town? Then Wheely will let you, direct from the screen of your Windows Phone. The online car service brings the mobile app from iOS and Android to Windows Phone with a slick interface backed by a solid fleet of cars in London and Moscow.

Naturally you can rely on the geo-location capability of your handset to work out where you are, or use the Windows Phone map to set a different departure. Searching through the map is also used to set your destination. Choose the type of car you want, and the trip is booked.

 Wheely Wheely 

Once you have booked your trip it's a matter of sitting back till the car arrives. And at the end of your trip you can pay by credit card through Wheely and have a receipt emailed to you.

I am intrigued that the first two cities chosen are London and Moscow. Why those two? Anyway if you're in those locations, Wheely is a free download via the AAWP App Directory.

Source / Credit: Find it in the AAWP App Directory